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How To Be Well Prepared For Speaking Test

As a requirement of citizenship application, you need to pass the b1 test. And you need to prepare it as soon as possible because you need to do the b1 test booking 3 days in advance. Worried about the speaking part of the b1 test? Do not worry. The speaking part of the English language exams is a part that is enough to make participants feel anxious because they have to speak directly in front of the committee so that the time to respond and think is shorter. Don’t worry too much. The speaking part is very short – only around 10 minutes. If you prepare well, it really won’t feel long. You will be placed in a room with the interviewing committee and conversations will be recorded for find this assessment.

The examining committee will introduce itself, and participants are asked to do the same. The examiner will ask simple questions about the participants, for example, family, hobbies, and studies. Because it tells about yourself, this section is very good to be more relaxed and adjust to entering the next section. In this two-way discussion section, participants will be asked to discuss the same topic as in the previous section. The difference is that in this section participants will interact more reciprocally with the examiner, rather than just delivering answers orally. Topics can develop more broadly and abstractly.

Practice at every opportunity. Get used to talking in English. For example with friends who can speak English, or with friends who will also take the exam. Talk to strangers. Greeting and introducing yourself to strangers will also practice the first part of the Speaking test. Being accustomed to talking to strangers will also train your confidence to speak in English so that it will be calmer and more natural when speaking later. Talking about new topics. In the speaking test, you will be asked to answer and discuss the topics given. The topic given will not be too complicated. However, it will be very helpful if you broaden your horizons by reading popular news sites in English, or popular blogs to expand your knowledge and learn vocabulary and phrases that might be used during the speaking test.