Did You Upset Because The House Is Full Of Parents’ Collection Items? Here Are Some Tips!

You who are currently still living with parents must have felt annoyed to see a house that is too crowded with parents’ collection items. Most parents are fond of storing goods, especially relics. You might have the desire to save it in click to read more or even discard it if it’s not too important. Things like this certainly can make you feel uncomfortable at home.

The best solution for this is to get around the wide area of ​​the house to be neater so that it remains comfortable to live in. And here are four tips you can try.

1. Sorting items
The first thing you have to do is a sort of parents’ belongings in inappropriate places. Make sure you only store items that can still be used, while for items that can no longer be used and are damaged you should dispose of them.

For example, you can’t collect old video cassettes that don’t have any rotating devices even though they contain lots of memories. In this case, you do have to have the heart and be sure to ask for permission from parents beforehand.

Reassure your parents that they still have lots of memories that can be stored aside from the broken objects that only fill the space.

2. Types of goods
When sorting, group items by type. For example books with books, antique decorations with other antique decorations. After being collected later you will be easier to do the arrangement and redecoration.

3. Storage area
For things that are not attractive enough, but don’t want to be thrown away, you should place them in the storage room. Storage does not have to be in a warehouse. You can use shelves, cabinets, or provide a special room as a display and storage of vintage items from parents’ collections.

4. Select the room
Items that have been sorted do not have to be put in one room. For example, you can put old school photo albums in the family room, stack old books you can place in the living room, and antique decorations to beautify the bathroom.

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