How smart people buy their sunglasses

You can choose lenses of sunglasses according to your needs. There are 3 types of materials commonly used for lens sunglasses that we’re going to share with you, and these tips can be used when you buy as well.

Polycarbonate: the lens is very thin, lightest, most powerful
CR-39: made of plastic polymer, has anti-scratch coating and is resistant to chemicals
Glass: most scratch resistant without the need for additional layers, but fragile and heavier when worn

Color of the lens

You are free in choosing the color of your eyeglass lens. The black lens does not mean blocking UV light. When you wear a dark-colored lens, the pupil will open larger so that light into the eye is also more. If your glasses are not UV protection, you’ll just let the UV rays get into your eyes more.

Polarized and photo-chromatic lenses

Polarized lenses serve to reduce glare on beaches, water surfaces, paved roads, and other reflective light surfaces. Meanwhile, the photo-chromatic lens will change the bright light becomes dimmer when exposed to UV rays. However, these lenses still can not replace the function of UV protection.

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