How To Lock Conversation In WhatsApp

Same with chat, you also must have been curious about WhatsApp status, someone who unfortunately was deleted before you could see it? Well, fortunately in the latest Gb WhatsApp app available at gb plus official website you can do that. The thing is, the Gb WhatsApp application now has a feature called Anti-Delete Status. You could also lock a specific chat. If in the official WhatsApp application the user can only lock all chats without exception, in this Gb WhatsApp you can lock chats from only certain contacts.

Using this feature is very easy. You can follow the steps given below. The first step you have to do is to choose the chat you want to lock. Select the ‘Lock Conversation’ menu. You can find this option by touching the dot three in the upper right corner, then selecting Lock Conversation. Step 3 choose the lock type After that, you choose the type of lock you want. There is a pattern, PIN, or fingerprint. Next, you enter the 4 digit number that will be used as a password. After that, you are asked to re-enter the password. It’s done. So, when you want to open this locked chat, you will be asked to enter a password.

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