Hydroseeding Can Repair Former Mine Land, So How to Close the Right Mine?

Large areas of ex-mines are now starting to be revegetated. The goal is to restore the state of the land so that it can be used in the next life. We all know that ex-mining land has very poor quality, that’s why revegetation is done. There are many ways to do land revegetation, one of them is hydroseeding. Hydroseeding has been known as a practical way, saving time and costs, but giving satisfying results. The equipment used is quite diverse, which you can look for in hydromulching company.

In closing mining land, it requires several procedures so that each stage is safe. In order to minimize the various impacts and risks of mine closure, it is necessary to anticipate from the beginning of the mining process in relation to liabilities or risk of uncertainty for closure and rehabilitation, whether it is government agencies, community organizations or companies.

In the mine closure plan, all mine closure requirements must be established and approved and considered in the mine closure development plan. This allows mining companies to determine and prepare requirements to get support for closure plans and minimize risks and liabilities that might stem from rejection or objection at the time of mine closure.

Typical steps for mine closure planning must be logical with the progressive description needed to understand the needs, nature, effectiveness, and costs of the Mine Closure Plan. Each mine closure plan must consider long-term measures both physically, chemically, biologically and socially from the effects of land use that can damage the surrounding natural environment system such as water, soil, surface water, and others. Therefore, there must be an understanding of the pre-mining environment and the effects of past and future mine development on the pre-mining environment.

The impact of the assessment must be carried out period before the selection of steps during mining operations in order to determine the success of its implementation.

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