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The Attractiveness Of Ironwood As A Building Construction Material

Ironwood is one of the superior building materials used in the home construction process. Ironwood can also be used as a material for making furniture for residential interiors. For ironwood painting, we can use full report services so there is no mistake in choosing the color and method of painting.

Not just a matter of houses, the wood that gets the nickname of ironwood is also used as building construction materials for bridges, electricity poles, and shipping. To further convince you, here is a complete review of ironwood. Starting from its characteristics, various advantages, to the latest ironwood prices.

Characteristics of Ironwood as a Building Material
The typical Kalimantan plant which is commonly used as building material belongs to a large tree species. Ironwood has resistance to humidity, temperature changes, also the influence of seawater. Therefore, ironwood is very hard and heavy.

The main characteristics or characteristics of ironwood include the following.

• Has a rough wood texture, strong and very hard so it is difficult to saw.
• Has an aromatic odor.
• Does not have many branches.
• Tree bark is smooth, yellow, or light gray.
• Has a straight stem with buttresses that grow not in a circle.
• Wood that has been cut will become black if long submerged in water.

The excellence of Ironwood for Building Construction
Ironwood has many advantages so it is very appropriate to be used as a building material for your residential construction. What are the advantages? This is it:

1. Has a strong, hard and heavy wood texture
With a strong and hard texture, of course ironwood is very precise and durable as a raw material for making home floor foundations. Not only that, but ironwood can also be used as a roofing shingle material. However, due to its strong and hard texture, ironwood is harder to nail or cut with a saw.

2. Resistant to termite attacks
Besides being strong and hard, ironwood is also resistant to termite attack because of its natural content.

3. Resistant to temperature changes
Not only resistant to termites, but ironwood is also resistant to changes in weather, temperature, humidity, and seawater so it does not require extra care. This strong resistance makes ironwood able to last up to hundreds of years you know.

4. Has high economic value
Because it has the characteristics of being strong, hard, resistant to termites and other attacks, ironwood has a high economic value. Not only used as raw material for building construction, but ironwood can also be used for furniture making materials, such as cabinets, chairs, tables, and so on. Of course this furniture will be strong and durable.