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Why Gasoline Has an Octane Number?

If you have a motorbike and are still quite new, try opening the seat and see if there is a warning about the octane level of gasoline at bensinkort, that should be used, and the recommended use of unleaded gasoline there? If there are, you should follow these suggestions for the good, continuity and health of the motorbike you are using.

The main constituent of gasoline is a mixture of n-heptane and isooctane. n-heptane is an alkane that has a straight carbon chain, so it has flammable properties. Whereas isooctane is a branch chain alkane, so it has non-flammable properties. Good gasoline must burn when the piston/engine reaches its peak. Then the results of the gasoline explosion with spark plugs are used to push the piston back down. This comparison of n-heptane and isooctane mixtures is a determinant of gasoline quality, this quality is commonly called octane level.

Gasoline that has a low octane value will burn before the piston reaches its peak (pre-ignition). This is known as knocking or in workshop language “tickling”. This is very dangerous for the engine because if left unchecked it can damage all components of the combustion chamber and waste energy wasted due to the ignition process and incomplete combustion of gasoline.

The above is done to increase the level of isooctane on a gasoline. But in a first way, if you add TEL to gasoline, then the combustion produced by the engine is not just carbon dioxide and water vapor, but there is also lead. As we know that lead is toxic and more damaging to the environment, therefore now the way to raise octane with TEL is rarely done and oil and gas companies prefer to do method number 3.

As discussed above, octane values affect gasoline resistance in overcoming knocking, but each machine has different octane requirements depending on the compression of the engine used. You can fill the vehicle with gasoline, the octane is higher than recommended, but do not ever fill it with lower octane if you want your vehicle to last.