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The right putting technique in playing golf

Putting is the most difficult type of shot for many golfers which is done on the green and uses a putter. Determine your needs for putt lag. There are appropriate timings for you to effectively take advantage of lag putts. Therefore, know the first situation where lag putts help. At this point, analyze rest, distance and several other conditions present in the field. If you are sure that you will be able to make the ball into the hole in just one shot, do it and forget about the putt lag. The right time to use this technique is when there is a break in the field and when you don’t want to risk you leading a three-stroke. Apart from that, you can also check out the recommended pattaya golf course when you visit Thailand.

Understand what is the putt lag. Don’t think about cups when you lag putting. This technique is not intended to sink a golf ball into a cup at all. The main goal here is to give the ball in the area near the cup so you can have a short and easy putt at the next turn. If you make this goal in mind, you can then relax for sure because you no longer worry about the ball and the Cup.

Enter a striking position. Use the usual placing routine when preparing to do a putt lag. Then, imagine the area where you want the ball to land near the Cup. Get ready to attack the ball at any time.

Strike the ball in the direction of choice. You can be sure that your lag putt is perfectly done if the ground ball is only where you intend to be, which is ideally a few meters from the hole.

Finish the hole. Attack the short putt and continue working on the next hole. Lag putts and short putts can always save your score when it comes to golf so remember this all the time.

Lag placing is something that will always be useful when playing golf. If you make sure you know how true it is and when you properly use this technique, you can guarantee yourself from most of the big time games.