The Importance of a Strong Password for All Your Accounts

Having an account on the internet means that you must be able to maintain all the personal information that you have in it. this is related to the security of your account and the data you have . For that, there is now two factor authentication that can help you to protect your account and keep it safe so you don’t need to be afraid that any data is stolen or your account is used for various crimes.

In addition, passwords are indeed an important thing. Because, a strong password can indeed protect the account, even though you still need two-factor authentication to strengthen it. There are several tips for creating strong passwords for perfect account protection.

1. Never use your personal information such as name, birthday, username, or email address. This information is generally accessible to the public so that other people find it easier to guess your password. Try to create a password that is not widely known by others, such as numbers that are random and combine with letters.

2. Use a long password. At least a password length of at least 6 digits, although it can be longer for extra security.

3. Don’t use the same password for all your accounts. If someone finds a password on one of your accounts, then your other accounts will be threatened. Moreover, if in the account there are various complete and private information they can use for a crime by using your account.

4. The random password is the strongest password. If you have difficulty creating this random password, then you can use the password generator application.

There are also some mistakes made by many people and they are rarely realized. In general, passwords that are made contain elements of family names, hobbies, or other simple patterns. This password is indeed easy to remember, but it is not safe. Let’s learn some password errors in general and how to fix them.

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