Tips on Renting a Car When on Vacation

When traveling to distant places, you will definitely take advantage of car rental services. Car rental is the right choice if you want to vacation with family Surely you have to pay attention to several aspects so that the luxury prestige car hire activity that you do goes according to plan.

Here are some things you must know before deciding to rent a car.

1. Order now, pay later
When renting a car, you have to pay an advance at the start.

2. Find the best agent.
Usually, each agent will offer a different package price for the same type of car.

3. Don’t rent a car on Sundays and Mondays
Renting a car is not only done by tourists or travelers. Business people also often rent cars to carry out their official duties. Avoid renting on Sundays and Mondays because on both days it allows a limited supply of cars on rentals due to a large number of requests.

4. Don’t rent a car near the airport
Renting a car located near the airport does sound comfortable. But the rates offered are also no less special. Take a shuttle or taxi online to get to the hotel then rent a car from an agent located not near the airport.

5. Facilities
Do not hesitate to ask what facilities are offered by the agent when you rent a car. When you are on vacation with children, ask whether you will get children’s chair facilities or not.

6. Additional rates for the driver
Car rental agents generally charge package rates that are not included with driver and gasoline rates. Be sure to ask for information as clearly as you can with the package rates offered.

7. Pay attention to the rules and agreements
Usually, when you have decided to rent a car, you will be given rental terms and conditions. Look carefully at the rules. If there are still things you don’t understand it would be nice to ask to avoid misunderstandings. Be sure to ask whether the car you rent must return with full fuel or not.

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