Various types of embroidery

The combination of threads and fabrics and the beauty of ideas produce various forms of new beauties that are amazing to see, so the art of embroidery greets. The embroidery is an activity to decorate on cloth or similar material which generally uses needles and threads. In addition to using threads, decorations made can also use additional materials such as metal, beads, sequins, pearls, etc.

Embroidering has been known since time immemorial which is said to have been reportedly first discovered in Egypt. This discovery is evidenced by the discovery of embroideries in the form of embellishments with plant growth material embroidered on animal skin. In addition, the many traditional cultures that use embroidered fabrics as part of their culture also prove that this decorative art has indeed been known for a long time. Eventually it developed until now with a variety of types and materials used even more diverse.

Embroidery based on the main material used is divided into three types including:

Thread embroidery
Thread embroidery is a kind of art of decorating cloth using the main material of yarn which is done decorative using various kinds of puncture techniques so as to form a desired pattern or design. Yarn embroidery is the most basic embroidery technique that has a variety of puncture variations.

Ribbon embroidery
Ribbon embroidery is embroidery that uses ribbons as the main material with various variations and sizes. The special advantage of this ribbon embroidery is that it can provide a three-dimensional effect because the size of the ribbon tends to be larger than the yarn. Because the ribbon material used has a variety of sizes, this type can eventually produce various types of more creative decoration variations.

Embroidery sequins

Sequin embroidery is another form of decorative fabric that uses basic sequins or beads as its shape. The sequin embroidery technique is different from the ribbon embroidery technique. The use of sequin embroidery needles is also different from the needles used in ribbon embroidery.

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